Supporting prostate cancer research

Evaluating health behaviours and beliefs in childhood cancer survivors, adult cancer survivors and healthy Australians.

Prof Claire Wakefield, School of Women’s and Children’s Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of NSW

Advances in cancer screening and treatment have led to improved 5-year survival rates, particularly among prostate cancer survivors. Little is known about the health behaviours of Australian cancer survivors. Health behaviours are activities undertaken by an individual for the purpose of promoting, protecting or maintaining health.

This study aims to learn more about the health issues, health behaviours, psychological well-being, attitude and health literacy of Australian cancer survivors, including prostate cancer survivors.

Participants were asked to complete one survey, taking approximately 30 minutes. The survey included questions about their current level of health, lifestyle, understanding of cancer-specific information and thoughts on genetic testing. Participants were also asked to provide information about themselves (including their age, postcode, etc), to help to summarise the information collected. All information provided was kept strictly confidential.

Ethics approval has been granted through the University of New South Wales Human Research Ethics Committee.

This study is no longer recruiting participants.

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