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Optimising the Cancer Nutrition Path: invitation to participate in Patient and Carer Survey

Sarah Dewar, Victorian Cancer Malnutrition Collaborative 

As a consumer of cancer care in Victoria, patient or carer, I would like to invite you to participate in a survey. The survey aims to inform the development of a cancer nutrition care pathway. We are hoping to receive as many responses as possible in order to learn about your nutrition needs and experiences during your cancer journey. Please pass the survey link onto other people you know who have gone through cancer treatment in Victoria, or who is caring/cared for someone that has/is.

This survey is one component of a project being undertaken by the Victorian Cancer Malnutrition Collaborative (VCMC) titled ‘Optimising the Cancer Nutrition Path: exploring consumer and health professionals’ experiences and expertise to co-design a cancer nutrition care pathway across the cancer care continuum’. This project is funded by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, with project oversight by the Nutrition Department at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

The following link takes you to the patient information statement to read prior to completing the survey:


The questionnaire will be open until 2nd April 2019.


This project has been approved by the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre Ethics Committee.

Thank you for considering participation in this project.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah Dewar  APD
Project Officer – Victorian Cancer Malnutrition Collaborative
Nutrition and Speech Pathology Department
Phone  +61 3 8559 5251

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