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Consumer participation in the development of a patient-centred clinical pathway for prevention and monitoring of cardiovascular toxicity/cardiovascular disease

Prof Bogda Koczwara, Flinders University, South Australia

Summary of project

This project aims to find out about the preferences of consumers and other relevant people (e.g. health care professionals) about the best way to provide care to people who are undergoing treatment for or have a history of cancer, who are also at risk of heart disease. Our team will use this information to develop a new program, led by nurses, for management of heart disease in people being treated for cancer.

People with cancer and cancer survivors can be at high risk of heart disease. Men with prostate cancer tend to be at higher risk of heart disease, because they tend to be older and may also have contributing lifestyle factors. This risk of heart disease can increase with some anti-cancer treatments, including some treatments commonly used for prostate cancer, particularly androgen deprivation therapy and some types of chemotherapy.

However, risk of heart disease is not routinely addressed in cancer clinics, even though this risk can be reduced with appropriate management, which can improve both cancer outcomes and heart disease outcomes.

This study therefore aims to develop an effective way to manage risk of heart disease in people going through cancer treatment, by asking people with relevant experience. These people will include people with a history of cancer, health care professionals, and non-government organisations. Participation will be via a telephone interview of approximately 30-45 minutes, which will be audio-recorded and analysed to find common themes in the experiences and recommendations of participants.

Ethics approval has been granted by the Southern Adelaide Clinical Human Research Ethics Committee.

Who is this study for?

You may be eligible for this study if you:

  • are aged over 18
  • have enough English language ability to provide informed consent, and
  • are either:
  1. a patient with a previous or current diagnosis of cancer, who have received or will be receiving chemotherapy and/or androgen-deprivation therapy (hormone therapy) OR
  2. a health care provider, OR
  3. a representative of a relevant consumer, advocacy, or non-government organisations (please note this includes representatives from Prostate Cancer SA)

To join the study, contact:

Dr Emma Kemp

Tel: (08) 7421 9954

Mob: 0403001519


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