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The availability and access to nutrition information after active cancer treatment: A survey study including cancer patients and carers.

Dr Brenton Baguley, Deakin University, Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition, Victoria

Summary of project

Dietary recommendations for prostate cancer strongly endorse dietary behaviour change, however, reviews indicate there is high confusion and uncertainty in the role of nutrition after prostate cancer treatment. Whilst there is a plethora of nutrition information available on multiple platforms (i.e. internet, blogs, books, journal articles, social media) to men diagnosed with prostate cancer, it is unknown whether this information is evidence based and/or results in changed dietary intake.

Researchers at Deakin University Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre are seeking patients or carers that have finished active cancer therapy to volunteer and complete a 15-20minute survey exploring where/how nutrition information is sourced after cancer treatment.

This study will allow the investigators to gather a large data base on where nutrition information is sourced after treatment. Importantly, the preferences for improving the access, reach and uptake of nutrition information will be assessed to provide cancer-specific recommendations.

The results of this project are anticipated to reduce confusion in where to provide nutrition information from health professionals/clinicians, but also direct cancer patients to evidence-based resources that are cancer and treatment specific.

Ethics approval has been granted by the Deakin University Human Research Ethics Committee.

Who is this study for?

You may be eligible for this study if you:

  • Are over 18 years old
  • Have a histological diagnosis of cancer OR care for an adult with a histological diagnosis of cancer
  • Have finished active treatment OR care for an adult that has finished active cancer treatment
  • Can access a computer or smart device with internet access

To take part in this survey, please select the survey link below:

For more information please contact:

Name: Dr Brenton Baguley

Tel: (03) 9246 8525



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