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What do you NEED: Nutrition Engagement, and Expectations During Prostate Cancer Treatment.

Brenton Baguley, School of Human Movement & Nutrition Sciences, University of Queensland

Researchers at The School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences are seeking men with prostate cancer to complete a one-off questionnaire, taking approximately 20-30 minutes. The study is investigating the nutrition engagement and expectations during and after prostate cancer treatment.

The aim of this study is to assess the knowledge and interest in nutrition support for men with prostate cancer. The study will also assess the type of nutrition information sources used, supplementation practices, whether men try to tailor their nutrition for their disease state, interest in nutrition, and barriers to involvement in nutrition studies. It is anticipated the results from this questionnaire will provide fundamental information to determine priority areas of prostate cancer nutrition support, and advance future feasible dietetic practice.

Using an online questionnaire provider, you will be asked to answer a series of questions on a five point scale, and/or provide a written response on your nutrition habits since being diagnosed with prostate cancer. The questionnaire consists of five categories that will ask you about your demographic, lifestyle history, prostate cancer history, perception and importance of nutrition, and your treatment experience.

This study is no longer recruiting participants.

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