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A Novel Liver Targeted Testosterone Therapy for Sarcopenia in Androgen Deprived Men with Prostate Cancer

Prof Ken Ho, Princess Alexandra Hospital, and Dr Anojan Navaratnam, Princess Alexandra and Greenslopes Hospitals, QLD

Androgen deprivation therapy is an effective treatment for prostate cancer but it can cause muscle weakness and wasting, known as sarcopenia. A new testosterone treatment has been developed to prevent the breakdown of skeletal muscle protein in the liver. We have shown that there is no increase in testosterone levels outside the liver and therefore should not affect prostate cancer progression. Taken by mouth, this form of testosterone treatment stimulates the synthesis of protein in muscle. This project will determine whether this new treatment prevents muscle wasting in men taking androgen deprivation therapy.

Men on the trial will be randomised into groups taking either the treatment or placebo. Scans for lean body mass will be used to determine how effective the treatment is for preventing sarcopenia.

More information is available from the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry.

Who can participate?

Men with prostate cancer who are 18 years of age or over and are on, or plan to start, androgen deprivation therapy.

This study is currently recruiting participants.

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